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The mission data platform is online

We are happy to announce that our TRAMI Mission Data Platform has gone online!

The Mission Data Platform is an online database and a dynamic repository that gathers, curates, and disseminates a broad spectrum of knowledge pertinent to mission-oriented policies in the context of the EU Missions, making the heterogeneity of mission policy approaches and implementation practices or our countries visible.

It was developed based on the mapping and framework design of WP2 of the TRAMI project and works as deliverable 2.4.  

The data presented is based on the information the respective countries provided and we thank all of you, for your great support in filling in the mapping XLS template!

The platform provides knowledge on Governance structures, like central strategic coordination, its organizers or legal basis; on Governance activities, like awareness building or national goals; an overview about e.g. financial, regulatory or soft instruments and actors that are involved in mission coordination or implementation. These data can be approached via dashboard both, per EU mission or per country and allows for overviews, comparisons and targeted networking.  
A key value of the platform lies in the provision of up-to-date data. At the moment, the WP2 team is in dialogue with other countries to enrich the data on our platform.

We hope you enjoy trying it out!