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Communication, Dissemination and Engagement

Collaboration and communication are the pillars of successful projects. With 25 institutions in 17 countries involved, TRAMI can offer tailored support in achieving the EU-Mission targets through:

  • Citizen engagement by promoting participative events to an interested audience.
  • Tailored events to connect academia, industry and public administration on both a large and small scale.
  • Fostering transparent, approachable and open communication with all stakeholders via a Knowledge Platform.

The goal is to open the development of the Horizon Europe Missions to a wider audience and foster a drive for mutual development.

The 1st European MIssion Forum (EMIF) will take place at the end of January 2023. It will provide a platform for interactive exchange to help stakeholders to overcome the complexity of the Mission infrastructure at international, national and regional level. This is to be achieved by engaging Mission key actor groups to arrive at a shared understanding and capture the needs of key stakeholders involved in the Mission implementation process. The TRAMI partners’ proximity to the relevant networks, target audience, as well as project partners’ provides the ideal starting point.

To receive further information about EMIF please sign up here or contact us via If you have ideas to share and help with co-creating EMIF, please write to us!