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09:00 - 17:30  -  Brussels, Flemish Public Administration, Hendrik Consciencegebouw Koning Albert II-laan 15, 1210 Brussels
As part of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union events, the 2nd European Mission Forum EMIF provided an opportunity to showcase the outcomes of nearly 2 years of activities of the TRAnsnational cooperation on the MIssion approach TRAMI project as well as other EU Mission related results and success stories.EMIF was an in-person only event that featured an update of the European Mission Network EMiN, the newly founded EU Mission Citizen Observatory and the Mission Data Platform. In addition, the EU Mission Implementation Platforms / Hubs provided updates on their activities and parallel & poster sessions and workshops offered a platform to engage more deeply, including with both traditional and "new" mission actors, i.e. governance actors, private sector and citizens. The full agenda is available here.In addition to the hosts and TRAMI partners, we are pleased to welcome the following speakers including:Joanna Drake, European Commission, Deputy Director-General in charge of Implementation, Impact & Sustainable Investment Strategies – Directorate-General Research and Innovation (RTD)Keynote: Rowan Conway, Policy Fellow and Visiting Professor of Strategic Design at UCL’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose Panelists on "Advancing the EU Missions" were:Marnix Surgeon, Acting Head Common Missions & Partnerships Service, European Commission, European CommissionChristian Naczinsky, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and ResearchTaina Tukiainen, Research Director Vaasa University, Member Climate Adaptation BoardMatthias Weber, TRAMI Co-Coordinator, Head of Center for Innovation Systems and Policy at AIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyTRAMI and EMiN - Making Missions WorkAvailable presentations:KeynoteResults and Learnings on EU Missions - Rowan ConwayTRAMI RevueEMIN - Angela Schindler-DanielsMission Data Platform - Cornelia ReiterMission Playbook - Jonathan NylanderCitizen Engagement - Patricia Stark + Thomas PalfingerMission Implementation Platforms/HubsECHoS Cancer Missions Hubs (A Mission on Cancer) - Ian BorderMIP4Adapt (Mission Adaptation to Climate Change) - Matthias WatzakMission Ocean Implementation Platform (Mission Restore our Ocean and Water) - Nikos MaroulisMission Soil Platform (A Soil Deal for Europe) - Roxana VilcuNet Zero Cities (Mission Climate Neutral and Smart Cities) - Carine ValetteParallel Session National, regional and European Mission GovernancePatries BoekholtParallel Session Monitoring the EU MissionsErkki KaroMireille MattPhilippe Larrue
09:30 - 16:30  -  Online
Thank you for joining us on 25 January 2023 online. The recordings and detailed information about all sessions and speaker bios are available here.  Please see the agenda via this link. TRAMI  -  Making Missions Work Sign up to the TRAMI Newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn to be the first to hear more.  
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