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About EMiN

The European Mission Network

The European Mission Network (EMiN), is created as an emerging community of practice that connects key players from the business sector, academia, civil society organisations as well as governmental actors. The EMiN will act as central information and exchange platform for the benefit of EU Missions actors across Europe and across EU Missions. Besides offering active exchange and learning formats to its members, its aim is to bundle expertise, experiences, scientific findings and practical examples of adaptation to the mission environment.

The EMiN offers:

  • Promoting exchanges of experiences, know-how and best practices on horizontal mission issues across borders and sectors among its members.
  • Carrying out multi-level actions, dealing with mission-related topics (initiatives may take the form of training programmes, organising conferences and seminars and carrying out research).
  • Providing information to the members on Community policies.


Ultimately, the EMiN aims to become a recognized community of practice that supports and encourages mission governors, actors and stakeholders to successfully deliver the EU Missions’ objectives.

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EMiN Meetings

After a few EMiN meetings, we have already built up some expertise together - share our insights and take a look at the content of the meetings!