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Report on the third EMiN Meeting

The 3rd meeting of the European Mission Network (EMiN) took place virtually on 22nd of March 2023. It focused on conceptual foundations and current developments of mission-oriented R&I policy. 129 stakeholders participated in the meeting. Wolfgang Polt (Institute Director at Johanneum Research and TRAMI coordinator) and Matthias Weber (Head of Center at AIT and TRAMI coordinator) held an input presentation about the differences between the various types of missions and the implications they raise for policy design, as well as a brief historical overview of the not so new Missions approach. Following this input, Rainer Kattel (UCL Professor of Innovation and Public Governance) and Philippe Larrue (Policy Analyist at OECD) gave some insights and comments to identify current challenges for and next steps in the development of mission-oriented policies. After that participants discussed current challenges as well as potential ways to tackle them. It became clear that the implementation of the missions’ approach is still one of the biggest challenges, as existing structures are not equipped to deal with this new policy. Furthermore, it still seems challenging for many stakeholders to completely grasp the notion of the mission concept.

Many thanks to the speakers Wolfgang Polt and Matthias Weber for their interesting and beneficial input, as well as Rainer Kettel and Philippe Larrue for their inspiring comments.

A big thank you to all participants for joining and engaging in our fruitful discussions. 


Our next EMiN Meeting will be held in June, stay tuned!