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Report on the seventh EMiN Meeting

The 7th meeting of the European Mission Network (EMiN) took place virtually on 23rd January 2024. It focused on Co-Creation in the EU Missions. Over 60 experts and stakeholders came together to discuss tools and methods to unlock the potential of co-creation.

Laura Hetel from the Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission of DG RTD in her keynote speech gave us valuable insights into the role and relevance of Co-Creation in the Cities Mission. She made clear that the Climate City contract under the Cities Mission has proven itself to be a useful tool because of its convening power and clear course of action. It reaches out to a variety of stakeholders and is attached to an investment plan.

Our excellent expert roundtable, with contributions from Matti Hiltunen (Business Finland), Gunnlaug Daugstad (Research Council of Norway), Anthony Zacharzewski (Democratic Society), Pierre-Yves Danet (TransContinuum-Initiative), Nadia Meyer (DLR PT) and Maria Josten (DLR PT), provided practice examples and presented methods and tools available for implementing of Co-Creation in the EU Missions.

The discussion made clear: The integration of all stakeholders in the missions, in particular citizens, the private sector, and young people is of great importance. Tools like Roadmapping, Visioning and Design Thinking can support transformative approaches to complex social issues and facilitate ownership. Furthermore, it is crucial to build capacities and provide infrastructure for Co-creation to create long-term perspectives.

Involving diverse and inclusive participants, establishing clear objectives, using open communication channels and providing a flexible framework and iterative approach, are defining success factors for Co-Creation.

Many thanks to all our speakers for their insightful contributions. 

A big thank you to all participants for joining us and engaging in our fruitful discussions. 


Stay tuned for our next EMiN Meeting. It will be held on February 27, at NCBR, Brussels on Social Innovation and the Role of Social Sciences and the Humanities in the Missions Approach.

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