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Report on the 8th EMiN Meeting

The 8th EMiN meeting took place in a hybrid format on 27th February 2024. It focused on Social Innovation and the Role of Social Sciences and the Humanities in the Missions. Over 50 experts and stakeholders came together and discussed the importance and the challenges on Social Innovation and SSH in the EU Missions. 

Klaus Schuch from the Centre for Social Innovation in Vienna in his keynote speech gave valuable insights into the contributions of Social Innovation in the EU missions. He emphasized the added value of Social Sciences to the EU Missions and the need for more experimental spaces for SSH. For a successful implementation of Social Innovation and Social Sciences in the Missions, a diffusion of changed practices is needed. 

Our excellent expert roundtable, with contributions from Marzia Mazzoneto (Sticky Dot), Nicole Loeser (Institute for Art and Innovation), Gabi Lombardo (European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities) and Kimberly Couvson-Liebe (Net4Society, DLR-PT), provided us with practical insights into the implementation and challenges of social sciences and humanities in the EU Missions.

The discussion made clear: The integration of SSH in the EU Missions is of great importance, ultimately enabling amongst other objectives, social innovation and co-creative processes. For a successful implementation a joint vision of all stakeholders, including the involvement of citizens is necessary. Platforms for an eye to eye level exchange need to be created to overcome resistance. 

Many thanks to all our speakers for their insightful contributions. 

A big thank you to all participants for joining us and engaging in our fruitful discussions.

Stay tuned for our next EMiN Meeting on 12th March at the NCBR, Brussels which will be combined with a mutual learning event on “Research in the Missions”. 

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