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  • Report on the fifth EMiN Meeting

    The 5th meeting of the European Mission Network (EMiN) took place virtually on the 5th of July 2023. With the primary focus on citizen engagement, this two-hour session further explored the implementation of the mission approach. The format “Meet and Monitor the Missions” was also featured during the meeting. Over 60 stakeholders from various organizations took part in this enlightening discussion.

  • Assessment of Horizon Europe after 2 years

    After two years of EU missions, progress and the way forward is assessed by different actors.

    The European Commission has published a document on communikation from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions.

    ERRIN has published a paper about its input to the public consultation.

    And Germany has published a paper about their contribution to the evaluation of the EU Missions.

  • Report on the MLE with ERRIN

    EU Missions creating new markets: the crucial role of the triple helix collaboration

    VENUE: NCBR Brussels Office, Rue Belliard 40, 1040 Brussels, 5th Floor
    DATE: 17 May 2023


    TRAMI in collaboration with ERRIN ran a Mutual learning event (MLE) to explore the role of industry, academia and public authorities in achieving the objectives of the five EU missions through triple helix collaboration. MLEs are an opportunity to share experiences, learn from other stakeholders in different regions and countries.

  • EMiN Coffee Chats: Maximum freedom of exchange

    The EMiN has officially launched their new format: an informal EMiN Coffee Chat. The Coffee Chats will be held without an agenda to guarantee maximum freedom of exchange. The aim is to strengthen the open exchange between the EMiN members on a regular (monthly) basis and will be exclusive to our EMiN members. The first successful EMiN Coffee Chat was held on May 11th and was a platform for inspiring discussions.