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eu missions

EU missions in Austria

In the last 2 years, Austria has seen very serious attempts to develop governance structures and adjust policy instruments in order to be able to be able to implement missions – both at the national level as well as with respect to the 5 EU Missions. To this end, several platforms for ‘whole of government’ actions have been set up. To support these actions, also the OECD has been called in for an analysis of the efforts to implement the EU missions in the context of Horizon Europe in Austria. This was performed through a so-called ‘Mission Action Lab (MAL)’, an experimental approach by the OECD, piloted in Austria and led by Philippe Larrue from the OECD. In this effort, the Ministry for Education and Science (BMBWF) collaborated intensively with the Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) allowing to include also aspects of national mission oriented policy into the analysis. The process included surveys and discussions with numerous stakeholders and culminated in a high-level policy round table discussing policy conclusions on future avenues for mission-oriented policies in Austria. The co-ordinators of TRAMI, Wolfgang Polt and Matthias Weber were supporting this process and were able to feed in concurrent results and analysis from the TRAMI project into this process and also provided a ‘policy brief’ summarizing main conclusions for Austria against the background of the European developments observed through TRAMI. The final report of the MAL has been published now and is available. 

Final Report (2.3 MB)