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The Mission will help achieve the marine and freshwater targets of the European Green Deal, such as protecting 30% of the EU’s sea area and restoring marine eco-systems and 25,000 km of free-flowing rivers. As one of its objectives, the Mission will prevent and eliminate pollution by, for example, reducing plastic litter at sea, nutrient losses and use of chemical pesticides by 50% and it will also contribute to make the blue economy climate-neutral and circular with net-zero maritime emissions. Cross-cutting enabling actions will support these objectives, in particular broad public& mobilisation and engagement and a digital ocean and water knowledge system, known as Digital Twin Ocean.


Lighthouses in Mission Ocean & Waters

In the Mission Ocean and Waters we will set up four Mission lighthouses at basin scale in the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic and North Sea, the Danube river basin and Black Sea and the Atlantic-Arctic basin. The four Mission Ocean and Waters lighthouses will act as hubs that will develop, demonstrate and deploy new solutions far and wide across the world. Building on existing governance structures, the lighthouses will bring together relevant Member States, the European Commission and other partners, through a political implementation charter. In the charters, the partners commit to cooperating and aligning resources to achieve the Mission objectives.

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