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Launch of Mission data platform!

On 9 November, the mission data platform went online!


The Mission Data Platform was launched In the TRAMI Mutual Learning Event on National Mirror Board Structures for EU missions on the 9th of November.

The Mission Data Platform is a repository and database that brings together multi-component knowledge on mission-oriented policies in the EU Member States and associated countries.

The launch is the completion of an intensive process of framework and database development carried out by the TRAMI mapping team (contact:

The platform provides knowledge on Governance structures, like central strategic coordination, its organizers or legal basis; on Governance activities, like awareness building or national goals; an overview about e.g. financial, regulatory or soft instruments and actors that are involved in mission coordination or implementation. These data can be approached via dashboard both, per EU mission or per country and allows for overviews, comparisons, and targeted networking.

For example, in the Mutual Learning Event, data of the Mission Data Platform on mission governance approaches has provided input for a focussed comparison across Countries. This facilitates co-operation between stakeholders and supports the successful implementation of EU missions and mission-oriented policies.

Please access the Platform here