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09:30 - 16:30  -  Online
The 1st European Mission Forum will take place as an online event on 25 January 2023. The agenda is available here  Thank you for joining us on 25 January 2023 online. The recordings will be published shortly here. This page also includes detailed information about all sessions and speaker bios. TRAMI  -  Making Missions Work Sign up to the TRAMI Newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn to be the first to hear more.  
14:00-16:00 CET  -  Zoom (please see agenda for details)
After a successful kick-off of the EMiN in October we arranged the second EMiN-meeting on 7 December. The event was held as a two-hour webinar and the focus was on the involvement of the regions in the mission implementation process. We invited stakeholders from Swedish and Danish regions to give us a closer look on regional examples and approaches towards the implementation of missions.  Daniel Sköld from the Swedish region of Blekinge gave us a presentation about how they designed a pilot on what a mission-oriented way of working means, including how they are using missions as a framework and as a method. Furthermore, Birgitte Karnøe Frederiksen was talking about how the Central Denmark Region are directing the LIFE-funded project Coast 2 Coast into a mission context, and Harald Hasler Sheetal from the Region of Southern Denmark presented the cross-sectorial approach of the Odense Fjord Cooperation. They all pointed out how different missions are relevant for their projects, and that a holistic and dynamic approach is crucial. Finally, Pirita Lindholm from Errin gave us a presentation about Errin and how they are involved in the missions, and Lisa Almsjö from Vinnova presented the main takeaways from the Mutual Learning Exercise that took place on 18 October. It is safe to say that European regions are already active in the mission implementation, some as an integrated part of the EU missions while other projects through their shared scope and aim with the missions. However, a common challenge that has been identified is how to engage the stakeholders and how to avoid "mission fatigue". Some of the key success factors that were discussed were: Clear governmental structures Tailormade communication (What's in it for me?) Lean implementation processes Exchange of ideas, experiences, learnings Dynamic thinking   Please find the agenda here. Please email for further information. For more information on upcoming EMiN and TRAMI activities please register to our newsletter.               Please let us know if you do no longer want to receive information or invitations from the EMiN.
 -  Brussels
  The Kick-Off Meeting of the European Mission Network EMiN on 19 October in Brussels brought together a select group of 60 experts working in the EU Mission context. The event’s aim was to discuss challenges, potential for success and the key requirements for the creation of an active EU-Mission Community of Practice in order to support EU Mission key target groups at national, regional and local level in their mission implementation activities.   The event was introduced by the TRAMI project coordinators, Wolfgang Polt, Joanneum Research POLICIES and Matthias Weber, AIT. This was followed by an overview of the EMiN’s objectives by its lead Angela Schindler-Daniels, DLR-PT.  Showcases of national and regional EU-Missions Implementation where provided by Daniel Sköld, S3 Strategist for Region Blekinge, Regional Development Council in Blekinge County, Sweden and Vibeke Helén Moe, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Education and Research, Norway. The European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation was presented by Fabienne Gautier and Marion Jammard. Remarks by Ms. Gautier, as the new Head of Unit Common Missions & Partnership Services, were followed by the opportunity to share the outcomes of the interactive workshops and in-depth discussion on expectations of the EMiN as an active Community of Practice on EU Missions from the viewpoint of the attendees. The discussion focused on the needs and demands at national, regional and local level but also on what stakeholders will contribute to a successful, sustainable network. The next European Mission Network EMIN Meeting will take place later in 2022. Please sign up to the TRAMI Newsletter and indicate your interest in EMIN and follow us on Twitter/Linkedin for stay informed about all TRAMI activity.
 -  Brussels
  On October 18th TRAMI arranged the first Mutual Learning Event (MLE) in collaboration with ERRIN. The subject for the day was how the EU-missions can be addressed in the regional context and to what extent European regions are involved in the missions.  The event gathered approx. 35 participants from a similar number of European regions, as well as the organizing teams from TRAMI and ERRIN. Inspirational talks from Daniel Sköld, Region Blekinge, Sweden; Françoise Guaspare, Region Île-de-France; Bogdan Chelariu, North-East Romania Regional Development Agency and Miia Paananen, Turku-Southwest Finland European Office pitched concrete examples from the respective regional perspective and paved the ground for the intense and interesting discussions that followed. The participants concluded that the missions approach provide a new way of working together across sectors, which is very valuable to accelerate solutions in response to the societal challenges expressed in the five EU-missions. Despite providing new energy and hope into the work, the missions also require challenging and demanding processes. The main challenges identified include lack of resources and understanding of what working with missions actually means, lack of alignment of European and regional policies, as well as the need for strong advocators and drivers in the process. Despite the challenging tasks, most of the regions involved in the MLE expressed a wish to engage more deeply in the missions, and a wish to explore further the methods, strategies and policies that can strengthen the role of regions in the missions, and how you move from theory and strategy into concrete, real-life implementation. The possibility to learn from others and to have a platform to discuss with peers with similar challenges was strongly supported by the participants. As knowledge exchange and mutual learning is at the core of the TRAMI project, we were encouraged to hear the need for learning occasions and platforms, and we can promise that more Mutual Learning Events will follow.   
09:30 - 20:00  -  Grenoble, France
Wolfgang Polt, the director of POLICIES was virtually participating at the Conference on Industrial Technologies IndTech2022 which took place in the context of the French presidency in Grenoble. He presented not only the five missions and the potential interfaces for enterprises, but also pointed to the TRAMI Project, which exactly aims at promoting a common vision of mission-oriented policy, and enables knowledge exchange, mutual learning and the testing of mutually compatible practices of mission governance as well as establishes partnerships and cooperation with regional and local actors in order to guide and frame the initiatives of targeted mission hubs.
12:00 - 18:00  -  Prague, Czech Republic
At the occasion of the Synergies2022 conference which took place in the context of the Czech EU presidency, possibilities for aligning the different funding instruments for research and innovation in the best possible manner were discussed. Naturally, the new approach of mission-oriented policy took center stage, as the creation of synergies between different actors and instruments is at the core of the approach. Wolfgang Polt, the director of POLICIES presented not only the results from studies of POLICIES in this area, but also pointed to the TRAMI Project, which exactly aims at creating such synergies in support of the implementation of the current five missions. Click here to follow the: stream of the conference at the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

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